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About Vinny

            When I entered college a long time ago I had many questions about the world around us. These questions were answered in part by the works of Hemingway,the Russian writers, the existentialists and others. More importantly, even more issues and concerns were raised. For unknown reasons or maybe due to the influence of an uncle, I became a photographer rather than a writer. Sometime later I picked up a paint brush and found I enjoyed painting as well as photography.

            Occasionally I will go to some of my sketch books, pick a drawing I like and turn it into a painting. More often I will just put what is in my heart on the canvas. I will work on it with a lot of emotion, without thinking , using forceful strokes ; often using a putty knife instead of a brush. Only checking occasionally on the progress , I will work like this until the painting is virtually finished .

             I like the freedom of flow within form using definite distinct rich and vibrant colors with a subtle urgency. My painting and photographs often have a dream like quality, not pretty but graceful.

            Whether it is a painting or a photograph the process is the same. I am looking to create motion, contrast, meaning. I enjoy both mediums equally. My photographic images usually make a short stop in Light Room before they are finished. I hope they invoke a peace, a quiet calm, an inward reflection.

            I have always been concerned with our place in the universe. How did we get here, where are we going? I try to address that as much as I can in my work. I strongly feel that we are spirit based. My painting TWO SISTERS poses what it might be like if we were in our spirit form rather than our human form. The painting THREE WOMEN asks the same question. BRAIN although a little more representational, the same .

            I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and a Masters Degree in Forensic Science. I was a Police Officer for thirty two years in Bridgeport, CT

  • 2016 I Float Westport 2015 Greenwich YWCA
  • 2015 Kershner Gallery- Fairfield
  • 2015 I Float Westport
  • 2011 Atticus New Haven
  • 2011 Poser Guilford
  • 2011 Port Coffee House Bridgeport
  • 2011 Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Center
  • 2008 Cafe George by Paula- New Haven
  • 2005 Lyman-Allen Art Museum
  • 2004 Save the Children Pier 61- New York
  • 2000 Benefit for Paralysis – New York
  • 1999 Discovery Museum Bridgeport
  • 1998 Ely House- New Haven
  • 1997 Waterbury Arts Festival
  • 1996 Picture This – Westport
  • 1995 Gallery Seven – Danbury
  • 1994 Stratford Town Hall
  • 1993 Bridgeport City Hall
  • 1978 Goldstrum-Davis Gallery – Westport
  • 1977 Westport Arts Festival
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